Light strikes Benelli .22

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Light strikes Benelli .22

Post by Mike38 on Sat 13 Oct 2018, 7:18 pm

Started getting light strikes with my Benelli MP95 .22 at a match today. Very frustrating. I blamed the cold weather, 40-ish degrees and too heavy of lube oil. Switched pistol to my trusty Ruger MkII but it was too late. I bet I dropped 50 points over all. Took apart the Benelli to see what the problem was. The shock buffer had a deep dent worn in it right where the recoil spring housing sits against it. This reduces the spring length, thus reducing the pressure holding the bolt closed. Bolt wasn't holding tight against the breech face, causing the light strikes on the rim. I'm using the "homemade" shock buffers out of key chain fobs as suggested in a sticky thread on this forum. The homemade ones do last longer then the Benelli OEM buffers, but still not long enough in my opinion. I doubt that I have 1000 rounds shot on this buffer. Has anyone come up with a buffer for the Benelli that will last longer, or is it a consumable item that needs replaced every 500 rounds? Thanks.

Then, I started getting failures to chamber on my Benelli MP95 in .32 wadcutter. Blamed it too on the cold weather. No back up gun, so I withdrew from the match. Come to find out, I didn't crimp the case mouth enough on my reloads, and the lip was catching. All in all, a bad day, but a bad day shooting is still better than a good day at work!

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Re: Light strikes Benelli .22

Post by oldsalt444 on Sat 13 Oct 2018, 10:31 pm

I have found that the buffers that Larry's Guns sells are good for at least 2000 rounds.  When I started to have FTF and light strikes after about 10,000 rounds and the buffer alone didn't solve the problem; I replaced the firing pin, recoil spring, main spring and extractor.  That solved all my problems and it's still working well today.

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