New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

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New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

Post by eoskins on Sun Feb 16, 2014 6:10 am

Good Morning To All

This season will be my first intro to Bulls-eye. Been shooting forever and am getting ready to retire from USN. Been reloading for 10+ years now. I have a large inventory of Rainer 230 copper coated on top of 5.0 grains of Trailboss. Have even more of Master-Cast 200 grain RNFP,  18-20 Brinell hard, sitting on top of 5.0 grains Trailboss. Have even more Trailboss in inventory.

So... What's everyone's opinion on these loads for local friendly competition here in Asheville NC? I have a LOT of inventory to burn up before I even consider going to something else... Just wanting to get a flavor from everyone on what I'm presently shooting, which gives me honest to God good results at 25 yards with my entry level .45ACP pistol. I'm averaging 760FPS with the 230 grain and about 800FPS with the 200 grain.

Now 50 yards is going to be my challenge as I rarely ever shoot at that distance...

Thanks to all for any and all insight into the mysterious world of reloading and Bulleye...

Asheville NC


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Re: New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

Post by Rob Kovach on Sun Feb 16, 2014 8:00 am

If either of those rounds hold the 3" range at 50 yards you should be just fine.  With speeds over 760 they are a little hot for bullseye, but that will get you well practiced for your Distinguished badge.

Rob Kovach

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Re: New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

Post by DavidR on Sun Feb 16, 2014 5:40 pm

The past record of accuracy with plated bullets is if your lucky it might hold black  at 25yds but don't expect them to do that at 50. IMO save that stuff for self defense or plinking and load some accurate ammo for matches.


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Re: New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

Post by Jack H on Sun Feb 16, 2014 10:22 pm

Shoot them in practice T&R at 25.  Once you see the capability of the round in rested fire, keep your mind off the target and on the sights.  

Fundamentals, fundamentals, fundamentals,.....

Jack H

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Re: New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

Post by noylj on Mon Feb 24, 2014 8:52 pm

For Bullsey, I find that JHP and L-SWCs are where the accuracy tends to be. Plated have all been an utter failure for me.
If you look in the stickies, you will find some of the popular loads from days past and today.
For me, 231/HP38, Red Dot, AA2, and Bullseye are the powder of choice, with Solo 1000 showing some promise.
155-230gn bullets have been used in .45, but, again just for me, I can't beat a good 200gn L-SWC.
For introductory shooting and learning, use what you have and have fun. Don't get into an equipment or ammo race--your shooting skills are the single most important thing.


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Re: New To Bullseye But Old To Reloading

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