CCI ammunition Failure

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CCI ammunition Failure

Post by CRay on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:00 pm

I have a new S&W model 41 PC that I have shot about 700 CCI standard Velocity rounds through with absolutely no failures of any kind. These were all from boxes of 50 rounds. Recently I purchased 5 boxes of 100 CCI Standard Velocity and I have had about 8 failures in the first 250. Most of the failures eject the old case and do not jam but a new round is not loaded into the chamber. I usually don't know this is an issue until I pull the trigger and it strikes but nothing happens. Also one round failed to fire and one round fired but the case stayed in the barrel. In this case no jam occurred because it did not try to feed a new round, so again the only way I knew something was wrong was when I pulled the trigger and it strikes  but nothing happens.

Since I had such good luck initially and what seem to be an abrupt change when I changed to a new batch of ammo, I strongly suspect the ammo. My question is whether anyone knows if the 100 round boxes of CCI Standard Velocity are made on a different manufacturing line from the 50 round boxes and if anyone has had an experience like this with CCI standard velocity ammo before? Do you see any difference in the reliability or accuracy of the CCI Standard Velocity in 50 round boxes from the 100 round boxes or is it just a different lot of bullets?


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Re: CCI ammunition Failure

Post by Virgil Kane on Wed Apr 23, 2014 4:48 pm

Sounds like you might have a dirty chamber/ extractor relief cut. Have you cleaned it with a brass brush?

I shoot both the 50 round boxes and the 100 rounders and have seen no difference in how they function or in accuracy. I have heard that some people have gotten CCI SV with an extreme amount of wax on the bullets and had problems but I never ran across this (yet). The wax build-up could cause problems if it's allowed to build up over time in and around the chamber and extractor relief cut.


Virgil Kane

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Re: CCI ammunition Failure

Post by LenV on Wed Apr 23, 2014 6:05 pm

I was going to say the same thing as Virgil.I would also add that I have had very mixed results from CCI in my 41 and my High Standard both when the temperature changes.Works great for indoor 70 degree matches and not so well outdoors in 50 degrees.Lots of factors involved with that.Grease/wax on bullets and viscosity of oil on the pistols as a couple of them.



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Re: CCI ammunition Failure

Post by pergoman on Wed Apr 23, 2014 8:43 pm

It sounds like slightly light charges which may not be pushing the slide all the way back. It goes far enough to eject the empty but not far enough to get behind the new round and push it into the chamber. After cleaning and lubing the gun the next step would be to lighten the recoil spring. Wire cutters can remove 1/2 coil at a time until it works right.
I have chronographed many 22s(usually for rifle competitions) and found fliers and light loads are common in the cheaper ammo like CCI std vel. It is good for practice but fewer each year trust it for even league matches.


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Re: CCI ammunition Failure

Post by GrumpyOldMan on Thu Apr 24, 2014 2:25 am

Inconsistent extractor tension can let the slide go back without picking up the fired case, especially if the chamber is a bit sticky-dirty and/or the load is SV...

Make sure there is not fouling gunking up things where the extractor pivots and where the spring does it's spring thing. But you still might need to stretch or replace that spring.

Then you can have a more reliable reading on recoil spring matching the load, how dirty you can let the slide assembly get before losing reliability, and all that jazz.


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Re: CCI ammunition Failure

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