Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

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Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

Post by dstates on 4/28/2014, 1:18 pm

I'm planning on registering for the SAFS at Camp Perry this year.  I have some questions about the schedule for the rest of the week as I'm trying to decide if I'm going to stick around and shoot some more...  You may ask why I wouldn't stay all week, and that is a fair question.  As a newby I'm looking to learn some and I will have limited vacation days from work this year. I'm also thinking about bringing my wife and kids and don't want to leave them on their own for 7 days straight...

Here is my basic understanding of the schedule:
-I have to show up on Sunday for SAFS registration
-Monday is SAFS all day
-It looks like Tuesday is only revolver matches & practice in the morning
-Wednesday is listed as "NRA Preliminary Pistol Aggregate"
-Thursday is NRA 22 match
-Friday is NRA CF match
-Saturday is NRA 45 match
-Sunday is CMP matches (EIC)

Here are my questions...

-What exactly is the "NRA Preliminary Pistol Aggregate"?  Is it required before shooting the next three days?  Or is it a match all on it's own?  Could you shoot this and then leave?
-Can you shoot in just the 22 match on Thursday?



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Re: Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

Post by Rob Kovach on 4/28/2014, 6:00 pm


I believe you must register for SAFS on Sunday.  That's how I have done it the last 2 years.

You can complete SAFS in early afternoon on Monday--especially if you barge to the front and shoot first relay.
...unless there is lightning or boats in the impact area....or eagles, or some other goofy thing.

A more detailed description of the daily events is in this program:
....nevermind...I just read through it, and it's the least detailed National Match Bulletin I have seen.  I remember them being full of additional details.  Hmmmm.

NRA Pistol Practice is in the morning--but if I remember correctly, it's REALLY just "practice"--not matches.  If I remember correctly they do NMC after NMC shooting all 10 minutes of slow, followed by timed and rapid fire.  You come and go as you please.
The only "real" matches on Tuesday are the Distinguished Revolver and Harry Reeves matches are Tuesday afternoon.

The Preliminary Match on Wednesday is a "real" match if I remember correctly.  I thought it was a 900 consisting of 3 NMCs 1-.22, 1-CF 1-45.  The afternoon has a "preliminary" team match of the same format.  If you don't shoot team matches, you are usually done by 2:30ish. You are correct about the other info you posted.

I believe you are able to enter the "NRA Preliminary Pistol Aggregate" by itself, or shoot any of the Thurs-Sat matches by themselves.

On Thurs-Sat--if you don't shoot the team matches, you are usually done shooting by 2:30pm on the one day you are squadded on relay 3 and done shooting before lunch on the other 2 days.  Sunday shooting gets done around lunch time.

If you were thinking about bringing the fam for a weeks vacation, I think that you can do all of the week's shooting AND spend some pretty good family time with them in the late afternoons and evenings.  Maybe spend all day Tuesday with the family at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky--(right down the road from Camp Perry).

Just my opinion, but if you are unable to take the whole week off, and you aren't shooting team matches anyway, come Tuesday night and shoot the Thursday-Saturday matches.  You will get a better feel for the broader experience if you can do the whole week, but do what works best for your family!  We will have to track someone down to check your guns before you shoot on Thursday morning, but I think one of us forum people could get you where you need to go if that's how you wanted to do it.

It's great that your family would support you to go to Ohio with you!  I hope to see you there!
Rob Kovach
Rob Kovach

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Re: Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

Post by tab812 on 5/1/2014, 10:02 pm

You can register for SAFS on the cmp website. I did it last year.
You can shoot the NRA Preliminary Pistol Aggregate, all by itself without taking part in any other matches but I would shoot as many as time allowed.  Perry is a great place!


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Re: Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

Post by jwax on 5/11/2014, 7:18 am

The preliminary is a bit of a chore, in that you get to move your gunbox and gear from the 50 yds bench to the 25 yds bench, three times. Once for the .22 NMC, once for CF NMC, and once for .45 NMC. At Perry, the targets stay put, but you shoot from different benches- one at 25 and one at 50 yds.
It's a matter of practice, packing up and moving almost as much as you're shooting.
Still- a whole lot of fun!


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Re: Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

Post by Motorcycle_dan on 5/19/2014, 2:20 pm

If you are limited on the days you can enjoy at Camp Perry, Come to Canton for the Regional the weekend of the 4th.  Enjoy the "Camp Perry warm up match" and take the SAFS on Monday.  Then I'd take the family to Cedar point amusment park for some serious roller coaster thrills.

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Re: Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

Post by DavidR on 5/19/2014, 3:02 pm

Canton imo is the best match in the country ( of the ones ive been to) I enjoyed it as much as perry. the big bbq social event  with all the top shooters in the sport, is beyond cool!

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Re: Camp Perry Questions from First Timer

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