My old school 1911s

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My old school 1911s

Post by cwo4uscgret on 11/11/2014, 8:55 pm

First, here are some photos of the Jim Clark, Shreveport, LA Longslide .38 Marked 1911 that I just picked up from my local gun shop.  The Colt frame serial number dates to 1968/.38 Super 1911...

Those are Colt factory .38 Special Magazines....they fall into the almost unobtanium category!

and finally my Alton Dinan .38 Special mid-range wadcutter:

If the weather isn't too oppressively cold and wet tomorrow I will try to shoot the Clark.

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Re: My old school 1911s

Post by Dipnet on 12/8/2014, 4:09 pm

Thank you for sharing the images of your fine pistols. I practically salivated looking at them. dipnet

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