Views on lighter 45 ACP bullets

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Views on lighter 45 ACP bullets

Post by dhenry132 on Tue Jan 20, 2015 10:23 am

I have the urge to use lighter bullets in the 45 acp. The 200 gr SWC works excellent. 
I'm looking for a weight in the 150 to 175 grain weight. No real reason except to lessen the recoil on arthritic hands and to play with something new.
So, question is, what bullet weight do you like best in the 150 - 175 grain weight?
Loads are running through Baer's.
Thanks for the input.


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Re: Views on lighter 45 ACP bullets

Post by beeser on Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:07 am

I had similar ideas but after going through some 155g and 170g LSWC bullets from Magnus the only thing accomplished was satisfying my itch to try something different.  The lighter bullets required more powder to cycle properly, that is without changing the recoil spring.  Felt recoil ended up being about the same. 

On second thought, since I have a Calibration Pack of springs coming from Wolf maybe I'll try the lighter bullets again.


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Re: Views on lighter 45 ACP bullets

Post by Colt711 on Tue Jan 20, 2015 11:40 am

The 160 has been widely used in N Ohio for many yrs. A good number of the users were 2600 shooters or Masters. I shot it almost exclusively the yrs I was active in BE. I tried other bullets for the 50 yd SF matches but always came back.
I used 4.15 gr of BE in MOST lots although BE does vary from time to time. The guns were setup with long ejectors and 10 Lbs recoil springs. Mainsprings were standard Colt cut to 1.8". Scopes were slide mounted and several models of Aimpoints were used over the yrs.

After moving to FL one of the shooters was adamant that the bullet was too short and the ballistic coeficient too high so the bullet could not shoot well. Maybe @ 25 but no way @ 50. After a fair amt of testing against several bullets he had been using or were available to him the 160 yielded the tightest groups. He changed to it immediately!

Right now the only supplier I know about is Valiant.

Ron Habegger

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Re: Views on lighter 45 ACP bullets

Post by DavidR on Tue Jan 20, 2015 12:43 pm

the 160 is a good short line bullet, but it has to be pushed much harder than a 185 or 200. many of us shoot them in Ga. the loads run 4.3-4.6 of bullseye, I would suggest you go to a good 185 if you want a lighter shooting load good for 25 and 50, 3.8-4.0 of bullseye will do very well with these.


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Re: Views on lighter 45 ACP bullets

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