Practice sesson learning experience

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Practice sesson learning experience

Post by Paper-Puncher on 10/1/2011, 1:56 pm

This is no major deal but maybe someone new or a older shooter in a slump might just go Hmmmmm. I practice at home in my basement with a IZH-46m Air Pistol....Now no I cant pratice timed or rapid fire but fundimentals can be learned ,honed, etc.....One night last week instead of tryin to shoot a 60 shot 10m match and get pissed about my crappy score , I decided just to try shootin the smallest group I could......So.....I took a blank piece of paper and put a black dot on it (have no clue as to how big it was)put it up on my pellet trap and spent the next 15 minutes getting into a postion that put my gun in line with the target naturally.......First I got the dot lined up in the middle of my vision (merit optical attachment) meaning my head and neck where relaxed with the dot centered.....then I got my body in line with the dot by closeing my eyes and pointing at the target with my index finger then I would open my eyes and see where I was actually pointing at then I would adust my feet to get my finger in line with the I picked up the pistol and gripped it as normal and found my sights where not in line so i played with that till the sights where in line with my eye.....So then I looked at the target closed my eyes and raised the pistol......and found I was just a tad off but the sights where in line so I re adjusted me feet till the the sights in line rested on the bull when I opened my eyes..........weeeh...finally time to shoot.....I fired 3 - 10shot groups the biggest put all ten rds into a nice circle that would have fit easily inside the 8 ring.....the next group was a tad smaller than that......and the last group put all ten shots into a hole that looked right at 3/8's of a inch.........What I learned ....must get your postion right as the whole time I was shooting I didnt need to force the gun to the bull it was already there......meaning my left and right wobble factor was greatly reduced....I controled my vertical with breathing ........also If you cant shoot round groups cant shoot good scores.....round groups will tighten with practice and stength and enderance........YOUR GROUPS NEED TO BE ROUND!!!....if there not ..your stance, grip , or trigger control needs work.....I hope all this makes sense......I'm not pro by any means I shoot right around 270ish NMC @ 50ft.....but I hope what Ive learned with the Air PIstol will change that...anyway.....I hope this all makes sense. get in line with the target, then check your grip.....try to shoot small groups if the group aint small your score cant be good I'm sure there are more skilled people out there than I. pick this apart and maybe we can all get better........


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