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Bayou Bullets

Post by SmokinNJokin on Sun Aug 02, 2015 3:42 pm

There are a ton of cast bullet manufacturers out there, but I highly recommend Bayou bullets.
I have shot over 5000, of their 185 swc and had excellent results.

Why should you buy from bayou?

Great prices. Flat rate shipping-up to 2500 .45 bullets in one flat rate box.

Ship fast. Every order i have placed with them has shipped same or next day.

They are hard coated. No exposed lead, the coating does not rub off or dirty your fingers or press.

Your bore will be very clean. After 300+ rounds, 2 passes of a boresnake leaves your barrel mirror clean. No scrubbing, no fouling.

Consistency. For the long line, I weigh every bullet and keep only those between 184.5 and 185.0 grains. With bayou, only half of them end up going into the short line box. I may tighten up my weight range, just to get the ratio down to 1/3.

Color- you can get them in red, green or gold. For those doing a lot of chrono testing, the dark green is excellent - even a cheap finicky chrono has no issue "seeing" them.

Give them a try!


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