M-1 Garand CMP Special

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M-1 Garand CMP Special

Post by rich.tullo on 9/16/2015, 10:11 am

I am trying to sell for a friend an M-1 Garand in 30-06

CMP special

New Wood 

New  Criterion Barrel

H&R Receiver

Hard Case

Finish appears to be 85% or better condition, missing some parkerization on the gas tube. 

I assume mixed parts I have not field stripped it to check 5,5xx,xxx serial number late 1955 build

Asking $1300 OBO plus shipping, I know CMP has listed for cheaper but I don't if they are available or what the wait is like - 6 months? 

Rich Tullo


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Re: M-1 Garand CMP Special

Post by jmdavis on 9/16/2015, 10:17 am


The barrel should be a Criterion if it is CMP Special. Also when I bought mine they were collector grade matching parts with new barrel and stock. That might have changed in the past 5 years though.

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Re: M-1 Garand CMP Special

Post by KevinB on 9/16/2015, 8:24 pm

30 -60days from CMP.


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Re: M-1 Garand CMP Special

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