.22 IZH-35m with Ultra Dot and 500 rounds of .22

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.22 IZH-35m with Ultra Dot and 500 rounds of .22

Post by cjon600 on 9/29/2015, 10:18 am

I'm selling a very sought after, Baikal IZH35m .22 Olympic pistol in good condition. Two factory magazines are included as well as the factory case. The factory gripis floating around my shop, somewhere scratch. I installed a beautiful large sized, Morini grip. The grip alone is $260 and well worth the money. The fit and finish of the original grip was a major limiting factor to these pistols. The magazine release has been modified to fit the grip (as with all morini grips on a 35M). With the Morini grip, this pistol will out shoot just about anyone other than an actual Olympian. If you've been searching for one of these pistols for a while, then you know it's worth my reserve price. They just don't come around very often and they're night and day better than a Benelli MP95 or a Ruger MK. I'd say it's almost as good as the Hammerli 208 series pistols at less than half or a third of the cost. The same pistol design produced by Feinwerkbau (AW93) is $2500 or more affraid

I've also attached a rapid fire target to show that it'll group. 

$1100 shipped to an FFL. Ammo will ship directly to you.
I would be interested in trades of the same or more value as well.  Wink




Additional information:cheers

Please feel free to ask questions via email or PM.


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