WTS Saeco 131 Bullet Moulds 45ACP SOLD

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WTS Saeco 131 Bullet Moulds 45ACP SOLD

Post by teg2658 on Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:41 pm

For sale are 2 each 4 cavity Saeco 131 bullet moulds that I purchased from Paul Fitz Jones in CA about 15 years ago for those who know of him. 
 They are the ones made in the original factory in California. I used them maybe a half dozen times and went back to my H&G 68s. These cast a bullet that look like a H&G 130 and weigh 185 grains. I greased them up and put them away. $215 for the pair shipped. They look new or as close as you can get. PM for pictures.
Tom Ginovsky


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