Trigger help for 1911

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Trigger help for 1911

Post by KenO on 2/12/2016, 5:49 pm

I want a longer trigger for my old Springfield Mil Spec, which I am using as a dedicated lower for a Nelson conversion. I bought the Ed Brown National Match trigger.

It required some fitting, got it fit, and polished. It slides slick as can be. But, put the gun back together, and it wont trip the sear. I can feel it pushing against the grip safety, and if I let up just a little on it (the grip safety), it will trip like its supposed to.

It seems to be the same size, but didn't measure. What is wrong?

I put the old trigger back in, and all is well.


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Re: Trigger help for 1911

Post by Dr.Don on 2/12/2016, 6:44 pm

Grip safety has to be fitted to the individual trigger.  Sometimes they will just slide in, but most of the time some fitting is required.

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