WTB - Benelli MP95E RH Grips -

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WTB - Benelli MP95E RH Grips -

Post by killswitch on 3/31/2016, 10:22 am

Nill or something like. A factory set from MP90 will do as well.

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Re: WTB - Benelli MP95E RH Grips -

Post by BerryhillAC on 4/5/2016, 9:30 pm

If you can't find the grips you are looking for, I can help.  I've been making 3d-printed custom pistol grips for about a year now and can make a set of grips for you for about half the price of a wood set.  Take a look at my page PrecisionTargetPistolGrips.com for details and let me know if you'd like a set for your Benelli.



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