1911 Magazine Question

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1911 Magazine Question

Post by Warhorse on 4/9/2016, 12:56 pm

I am going to be reloading and shooting 185gn SWC's.

Is there a certain style magazine, and or follower style such as flat vs. round that tends to work more reliably with these SWC's?


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Re: 1911 Magazine Question

Post by jglenn21 on 4/9/2016, 1:07 pm

I would suspect most folks simply use the trial and error method of magazine selection, but I almost exclusively use a bullseye style magazine for all my wad and EIC guns.. the bullseye magazine has parallel feed lips verses the original tapered military magazines and the third style that is a hybrid of the two..

my own preference of the follower is a rounded top..  I also use light  magazine springs..


the three styles have different release points(timing)

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Re: 1911 Magazine Question

Post by LenV on 4/9/2016, 1:22 pm

Like jglenn21 said it can be trial and error. But having done that the magazine that runs best in mine is the Wilson Combat 47D. YMMV


Link is for info only. There might be better deals elsewhere. NFI

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Re: 1911 Magazine Question

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