1911 Magazine springs, check yours

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1911 Magazine springs, check yours

Post by DavidR on 1/18/2012, 1:34 pm

I have recently been plagued with a problem with my colt 70 wad gun. It would not eject the forth shell and the fifth would jam into it. This happened every time i shot. I finally found the problem, a weak magazine spring. Now i have never had this happen so i looked everywhere for the issue spent a lot of time and money replacing things before stumbling on a article on the internet about magazines. It seemed fine, but it wasn't, i changed out the spring with a new one and it feeds 100% now. Just wanted to pass this on with the season just around the corner, changing your springs is cheap and easy and good insurance against possible alibi's.

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Re: 1911 Magazine springs, check yours

Post by Founder on 1/18/2012, 11:12 pm

Thanks for sharing. I have been considering upgrading all my springs in all my guns (thats a lot of springs) just for peace of mind.

I also need to get one of those spring testers and sort out the drawer full of springs so I know what I have!

I guess it would be spring cleaning! lol!

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