More Pistol Box do/don'ts

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More Pistol Box do/don'ts

Post by Russ OR on 8/1/2016, 10:25 am

My 4 gun gun Ho Box is modified (not difficult) to a 3 gun Box w/ all pointing downrange - revolvers fit.
Our Gun-Ho type boxes are not efficient. 

For matches requiring more than 1 or 2 pistols:
Maybe a better idea for a range box would be:  EVERYTHING (spotting scope/ammo/mags/spares/etc.) in one box - with the pistols/revolvers in a separate box or bag easily opened & turned so the pistol you want can be lifted out pointing downrange.
2¢,  Russ

Russ OR

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Re: More Pistol Box do/don'ts

Post by rreid on 8/1/2016, 7:49 pm

I have a Gun-Ho 4 gun box. The 22 and wadgun go in it. If I need a revolver or hardball gun, they just go in a separate case.

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