SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

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SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

Post by Magload on Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:41 pm

I will have my new LB Wadcutter this coming week and want to get some reloads ready.  I been shooting 200gr X Treme Plated SWCs over 3.6gr of BE at 1.250 COAL.  Are these going to be ok in the new gun or am I going to need a lighter recoil spring.  My Labradar says they are at 633fps HV and 625fps AV.  I do have Missouri 185gr Hi tech coated SWCs on order.  I planed on loading these over the same 3.6gr of BE as per another post on this forum.  Any thoughts on this will be appreciated.  I have not shot any matches yet but shoot indoors 4 to 5 times a week.    Don


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Re: SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

Post by Jon Eulette on Sat Nov 19, 2016 11:34 pm

In my experience a new LB needs probably minimum of 4.0 to cycle. They have tendency to wedge fit their barrels very tight. So I would error on side of more powder until you make friends with it.

Jon Eulette

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Re: SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

Post by Chris Miceli on Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:20 am

Probably gonna be a little bit over 4.0BE to get it fully lock up. That Jon guy holds hard so he can get away with lighter loads

Chris Miceli

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Re: SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

Post by CR10X on Sun Nov 20, 2016 9:05 am

(Copy of post in the Equipment Topic as I did not see this one first.)

You will probably get a lot of differing opinions.  Make your own choice, but here are my comments on a new LB and getting it running consistently. 

Les Baer is generally a "hard fit" gun and the lockup is pretty tight.  Generally (and I might use that word often because there are few absolutes in bullseye except trigger control and sight alignment), it will take some break in to get it working easily.  Its just a different concept when building a bullseye gun.  

If you want to have some accurate loads and break in a new LB, I would highly recommend staying away from plated bullets. Your probably not going to like the groups and spend some time cleaning the barrel before shooting lead bullets later.  And you will generally need to clean the barrel well (especially a new barrel) when switching from jacketed to lead and back, for ultimate accuracy and reduction of potential leading problems. So for breaking in, I generally stay with jacketed bullets until the gun is functioning well, then move on to checking out lead loads. 

(I know you will read that some shooters switch without any problems, but you can get to that later when the barrel is broken in some as well.   With new barrels, I like to shoot some jacketed and then clean well and shoot some lead, to see if the barrel has a preference and if there are leading issues.  Most barrels can go either way, but I've had some that show a distinct preference.) 

OK, enough background. Your mentioned loads are probably going to be way too weak to get much of a break in going.  Shoot a box or two of good 230 FMJ (and its a good way to get once fired brass).

Then clean well and see how the LB works with a good standard Nosler / Zero 185 JHP bullseye load. Not a minimum, whimpy load, but something along the lines of 4.5 to 4.7 gr of VV 310 or equivalent.  If still too tight, shoot another box of 230 FMJ.  Once you get consistent operation with the above VV310 loads, then you can start dropping the powder charge and working on some good lead loads.  I use 3.85 gr VV 310 with either 200 gr. or 180 gr LSW Oregon Trail SWC bullets.  

Alternatively to the Nosler is Federal 185 SWC match if you can find it and afford it.  Personally, for breaking in, I'd prefer something with a little more power, but that ammo is also a good test to find feeding problems as well. 

Good luck and have fun shooting.



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Re: SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

Post by DavidR on Mon Nov 21, 2016 7:48 pm

200 gn h&G 68 type lswc with 4-4.2 gr of bullseye should be a great break in as well as accurate. 4.5 gr bullseye with a fmj-hp 185 will too.


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Re: SWc load for my new LB Wadcutter

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