WTT: 1'' Sliver Ultradot for Black 30mm Ultradot

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WTT: 1'' Sliver Ultradot for Black 30mm Ultradot

Post by Tim:H11 on Fri Nov 25, 2016 8:07 pm

I would like to trade a silver finished Ultradot 1'' (25mm) for a black 30mm Ultradot. I bought the 1'' used from a member here and it does work just fine. I was using a Bushnell Trophy 30mm before I got the 1'' Ultradot and in a short time I decided that I prefered the 30mm instead. 

So hopefully someone here has a black 30mm they'd be interested in trading for my 1'' silver. 

I have two sets of rings, the screw wrench, and a polarized filter. That's it. 



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