Looking for a few well-used match pistols in need of new home

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Looking for a few well-used match pistols in need of new home

Post by BerryhillAC on 12/3/2016, 11:05 pm

Fellow shooters,

As we approach the end of the year, I'm blessed with a couple extra dollars from my company's grip sales (Precision Target Pistol Grips) to make a few purchases (or necessary business expenses as I like to call them). If you have a gun or two in the back of the safe that needs a new home, please let me know. I'm primarily looking for two types of guns. The first are older guns, but still of a type occasionally used on the line. For these they don't need to be functional and can be cosmetically quite homely. I'm just interested in them for the frame as a fit model for making grips. Think springers, CO2s and oddball European sport and free pistols. I'm particularly interested in a busted up and broken down IZH-46.

On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a Benelli, Morini or FWB that is functioning, I'd be happy to entertain an offer. These guns, in addition to being grip fit models, get long-term loaned to the college team I coach to help rotate out older worn-out equipment.

So if you are able, interested and want to put a few extra dollars in the Christmas budget, drop me note atĀ PrecisionTargetPistolGrips@gmail.com.



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Response to Listing - Browning Medalist

Post by Swelfelo on 12/4/2016, 9:03 am


I am sending you an email in response to your listing.



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