Which 45? - Revolver? revisited

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Which 45? - Revolver? revisited

Post by Russ OR on 3/23/2017, 11:00 pm

The talk of ECM cut rifling, leading, accuracy, etc.. reminded me:
When I started shooting revolvers (5"-625) I was having a light strike mis-fire about every 15 rounds w/ same ammo that had been 100% reliable in my wadgun.  And-Leading - cleaning the revolver was - you know - a job.

I started doing 2 things:
#1: Hand priming the brass for the revolver resulted in no more misfires. I now hand prime all brass. - I have not had a priming system on a reloader for 6 years.  - When I reload, the brass is clean, sized, primed, & belled. - If you're going to de-prime it for the SS pin cleaning, why not size and bell it too -(I prop the powder system up to save wear).

#2: I add/apply Rooster Jacket (RJ) to all commercially cast/lubed lead bullets. I believe it reduces leading and what leading does occur is easier to remove. - Even in the wadgun I believe there's less leading- never was that much w/ the Kart barrel.  - The JM shoots as well for the Reeves match as it does for CF and 45.

The late, great Bob Brown turned me onto RJ. - Last time I checked Midway sold it

2¢ - YMMV  -- Russ

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