Colt competition pistol

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Colt competition pistol

Post by Pbmoser1954 on 6/5/2017, 3:43 pm

Hello shooters
Has anyone had the opportunity to shoot colts competition pistol. It comes in 9mm 45 ACP or 38 super.
I've been contemplating on getting another gun, mostly thinking about the 38 super. I understand that this model comes with the national match barrel.
My feeling is that the 38 super would shoot better than the 9mm.  If anybody has any knowledge on this gun please respond.  I like to learn more from personal experience. 
Thanks to all and have a great day 

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Re: Colt competition pistol

Post by BE Mike on 6/5/2017, 4:41 pm

I don't know that any out-of-the box Colt would wow a bullseye pistol shooter. As far as .38 Super vs. 9mm, way back when, I was squadded next to a fellow from Illinois (I believe David Glenn was his name). He had a 9mm from the Springfield Armory Custom Shop that was something else. I don't remember his exact scores, but I remember scoring him and only having to worry about how many X's were included with his clean target, over and over again.Smile
BE Mike

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