Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Longslide

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Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Longslide

Post by Tom Jadlos on 5/1/2012, 1:10 pm

I shot my first 2700 match yesterday with my one-and-only gun an S&W Model 41 with an ultradot. I really enjoyed it. Long story short, one of the other competitors let me shoot his RRA .45 for one of the National Match Courses, so that got me thinking about buying a .45.

One of the shooters has a Clark longslide that he talked about selling. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a longslide versus standard 5" barrel? If I purchased it, I would initially shoot iron sights, but long-term would no doubt want to mount an Unltadot on it. What should I be concerned about buying a used bullseye gun? Your comments are appreciated. Thanks

Tom Jadlos

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Re: Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Longslide

Post by gulliver62 on 5/1/2012, 5:34 pm

I don't believe there are any real advantages to a longslide .45 except...boy do they look cool. Barrel replacement is going to be more expensive as they are not as available.
Older Clark longslide have some collector value adder.

Look for
- the obvious signs of abuse, rust, wear.
- is the slide tight to the frame
- is the barrel tight to the bushing and bushing to the slide
- is the lockup good and tight
- how does the trigger feel (weight?)

If at all possible have a gunsmith look at it or pay believing that you might have to have work done on it.

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Re: Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Longslide

Post by BE Mike on 5/2/2012, 8:46 am

When iron sights ruled, the extra sight radius was considered an advantage by some. I think that the accuracy guarantee was also better. I believe that Clark guaranteed 3" groups or better at fifty yards with the standard slide/ barrel and 2 1/2" groups with the longslide. In this day of 2" groups common with standard slides and red dots replacing irons, the longslide has no advantages and may well be detrimental to good shooting and functioning with a red dot installed. All that said, they are nice guns and cool.
BE Mike

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Re: Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Longslide

Post by Dave C. on 5/6/2012, 10:07 am

I shoot a pair (38spl &45acp) of Clark Long Heavy Slides with Ultra dot 4-dots mounted on the slides.

They work as well if not better than the 5 inch guns I own.

They recoil less. they give a longer sight radius with iorn sights.

Clark will "tune up" a used Clark gun to shoot as well as a new fresh pistol at a reasonable price.

Check there web sight. Better yet, call them and ask. The last time I had this done it was 5 months, but well worth the wait.

Dave C.
Dave C.

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Re: Advantages v. Disadvantages of a Longslide

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