Some results from a practice session.

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Some results from a practice session.

Post by Wobbley on Sun Nov 05, 2017 7:34 pm

This target shows some results from a chronograph session at my local range.  Distance was 25 yards.  A fellow shooter let me use his Labradar chronograph.  We had some issues with the chronograph reading the bullets but out of the 10 shots we did get readings from 5 shots.  The results are noted on the upper corner.  I had no rest so these were shot from a two handed hold on the bench using iron sights.  The neat thing about the radar chronograph was that it gave velocity read outs at intervals downrange.  Velocity at 50 was not averaged but seemed to be 610 fps or so.

The reload data is on the lower corner but need to add that this was a .468 crimp, LPP of unknown make, and mixed brass.  The bullet are some very old 200 gr HG 68 style that had a copper wash applied by the maker.  I thought I’d use this stuff up for practice.  Need to add that the powder was 3.8 Bullseye (on the target but cutoff from the picture)

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Re: Some results from a practice session.

Post by Magload on Sun Nov 05, 2017 8:32 pm

The position of the gun muzzzle and it's distance from the side of the LR makes a big difference along with the settings.  The aiming of the LR is very critical.  I love mine and have stored hundreds of test data.  It takes a reading I think every .002 of a second down range but the distance it will reach is limited by the cross section of the bullet.  Don

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