WTT 45 bullets and LP primers for 38/357 gear

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WTT 45 bullets and LP primers for 38/357 gear

Post by inthebeech on 3/7/2018, 4:49 am

4x sealed and one open box of Hornady 185 XTP's.
1x sealed box (250 ct) Nosler 185 match.
1x sealed box (500 ct) Zero 200 SWC.

3x boxes (1,000 ct each) Federal 150 primers.
1x broken box with 700 (7 sleeves) of Winchester WLP primers.

I'll take 10x sealed boxes (100 ct) of .357 jacketed bullets, or 3x boxes of 500 ct HBWC's (Zero, Magnus, Remington).

Needs to be FTF in Charlotte/Hickory NC area.  Not splitting.  Thanks guys.

PS if you also reload shotgun I will toss in at least 2,000 shotshell primers and an unopened 25 lb bag of #8 or #9 (have to go look).

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