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Gun Box Mods

Post by BE Mike on 6/30/2012, 5:49 pm

I have a relatively new Precision gun box, because I was ready to downsize. I really like the two gun box, but I decided I needed to personalize it some. I added a LGI (Larrys Guns) extended scope arm, so I don't have to lean down to see my scope. I'm not that tall, but some benches are a little low for my rig. I didn't care for the folding lid support that came with the box, because it didn't keep the lid 90 degrees to the bench. I bought a lid support at the hardware store and cut it off, and drilled a new hole. I put in a longer screw that attaches the bracket for the strap. The screw now extends into the pistol box and I put my lid support over it and secure it with a wing nut. I was worried that the lid might slam down in a stiff wind, so I cut an old piece of metal curtain rod and slipped it over the lid support arm. Now when I open the lid and attach the lid support, I slide the piece of curtain rod down and that insures that the support won't fold at the hinge until I want it to. I wanted to use some unused space, so I attached the two flat white boxes in the lid. They are empty pellet boxes some of my Vogel pellets came in. They hold misc. stuff, like extra batteries, etc. I applied some industrial strength velcro to attach them to the inside of the lid. Taking a tip from the owner of Precision Pistol Boxes, I glued in a piece of square wooden dowel in the corner into which I drilled a hole. It is a handy screw driver holder. I stuck on a plastic cable holder on the inside of the lid that I use to hold a pen.
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