Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

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Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

Post by Coach Dan on 7/19/2012, 9:35 pm

I'm returning to bullseye competition after a 15 year hiatus. Smile I retired from the Corps last summer, and find that I want to get back into competitive shooting.

So, I'd like to put a sight on my Model 41. I'm okay with buying the newest Matchdot II, but I'm reading a lot of comments on various forums, saying why bother, and just buy an Ultradot 4.

I'm also the Rifle Instructor for my son's Boy Scout troop, so I will probably occasionally move the sight to various 22 rifles in support of their troop shoots.

I'd appreciate any thoughts and suggestions.



Coach Dan

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Re: Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

Post by mahoak on 7/20/2012, 6:48 am

I'm new to bullseye, but I have both. I find the Ultradot 4's smallest dot (4 MOA) too large for 25yd and 50ft. I get better scores with the 2 MOA dot on the Matchdot. While I have a Matchdot II, I never use the two extra reticles over the plain dots of the older Matchdot like I thought I would. However, a new junior may find the circle-dot more comforting to begin with.



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Re: Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

Post by Jacob53 on 7/28/2012, 9:37 pm

I debated for a long time about Ultradot vs. Matchdot. Finally decided on the Ultradot. Works perfectly at every distance. My advice is save the money. I got the 1" vs. the 30 mm. The wider view is not needed and there are more 1" rings available. It is a great red dot. I have also used it it for falling plates matches, and it worked perfectly. I agree, for bullseye, there is no need for multiple reticles.

However, I would suggest getting an inexpensive rimfire scope for the 22 rifles rather than using the red dot. You can get a decent 3 - 9X Barska for $30 - $40 bucks and I think that will be more useful to the troops than a red dot. And, it will get them used to shooting with a scope, which is much more common on a rifle.

See you on the line,



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Re: Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

Post by Rob Kovach on 7/28/2012, 10:05 pm

I have a matchdot on one gun and a 1" standard Ultradot on the other. I don't like the 30mm window, I can see too many distractions. I never ever change the size of the dot. I just set it for the same size as the 1" has all the time.

You can buy 2 or 3 off brand scopes for the rifles with the money you will save.
Rob Kovach

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Re: Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

Post by Chris_D on 7/29/2012, 8:56 am

I have the Matchdot II on my 41 and my 1911. I have not shot with an Ultradot so I can't speak for that unit. I like the Matchdot and I like the different size dots it provides, I don't use the oddball reticles. I like the elevation adjustment which is tool-less but have found that I often need to adjust both elevation AND windage for different distances so either way I need a tool.

Of the features I am finding to be very critical for a red dot..

Variable brightness - light conditions outdoors are different everywhere
Polarizing filters - sun glare can be a BIG problem
Multiple Dot size choices

I train using both standard targets and "training targets" which only have the 10 ring as solid black. I adjust the size of the dot depending on the target I am shooting at. I have found this training technique to be of great value so I don't mess with it, I just do it often.

To me, a feature I would love to see on a red dot sight is an infinitely adjustable dot size. I am not a fan of having a small pin point dot, rather I want a dot that is larger, ideally so it covers the black completely. I have found from shooting with both scopes and red dots, that the smaller the dot is, the more you try to snatch those 10s. The larger the dot, the less pronounced your wobble is and the more likely you are to pull the trigger as opposed to jerking it to get a ten.

Just my 10 cents on this topic.

Chris D


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Re: Thinking of putting red dot on my S&W Model 41

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