New Rink Ruger MKIII grips $208

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New Rink Ruger MKIII grips $208

Post by Jwhelan939 on Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:55 pm

Looking to sell my Ruger MK grips. I purchased them, waited almost 3 months for them to come, and switched guns before they arrived. They were handled, but never altered nor fired. Specs are below.  Paid $255.88 and waited 3 months. Would like to get $208 shipped. Please pm me you email address for pics. Thank you. 

MKIII - walnut

Standard grip from walnut , with adjustable palm rest , according ISSF, stippled and oiled 

Side: right
Form: convex
Volume: normal

MKIII - Surcharge for upsweept palm rest

Surcharge for upsweept palm rest , instead of the regular, for Bullseye. 

Delivery time:
6 weeks


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