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Good deeds should be mentioned

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Good deeds should be mentioned Empty Good deeds should be mentioned

Post by Allgoodhits Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:27 pm

Most of us have our go to gunsmiths. However from time to time for whatever various reason, we reach across the sacred line and have work done by others. Sometimes it is because of back log and time to get something done, sometimes it is because some only work on certain things. Sometimes it is because it is a box of parts, and some just don't want to work with boxes of parts. In other words take this POS somewhere else.  Sad

So, I was basically given a Caspian 1911 9mm parts gun. In fact it wasn't even a gun, just parts. Nothing matched and it would not function at all. I sent the frame with shroud mount, a slide, barrel and comp to Doug Jones at ACC U RAIL for him to look at, assess, then see what he could do with it. Less than 3 months later, and almost two months of that waiting on a barrel, I received the gun back today. He acquired and installed a new barrel (.38 Super) various other parts, trigger job, ACC U RAILED it, fit a new KKM barrel and installed the comp. Also had him checker the front strap.

I put 150 rds through the gun today. It is very tight, but still extracted and ejected 100%. Three to 5 times, I had to assist going completely into battery with many times reloaded ammo, from misc brass. Not unusual at all, with less than match quality ammo. I was fully expecting it to not run, so I didn't want to waste my best ammo, breaking it in.

Accuracy: From simply shooting off a bench at 50 yds, the gun easily shoots under 2 " and one group was right at an inch using Zero 115 JHPs.

If your go to 'smith is backed up, or if you have gun that your guy/gal won't work on, then reaching out to Doug Jones may be worth a call. Yes, He does much more than install ACC U RAILS.


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Good deeds should be mentioned Empty Re: Good deeds should be mentioned

Post by bruce martindale Wed Aug 01, 2018 9:55 pm

Adding my story if you don't mind....Scott Pilkington bailed me out when I came to him, last minute, with a leaking M162 air cylinder. You can see what I did with it under the CMP 60 shot airgun results page. Thanks Scott!  He also rebuit my Steyr during the USAS Nationals in Georgia. Great service!

bruce martindale

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