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FS: New Matchguns MG2 - Page 4 Empty FS: New Matchguns MG2

Post by MGUSA on 8/9/2018, 2:50 pm

First topic message reminder :

FS by importer: Brand new Matchguns MG2, also known as MG2 EVO.
It has the 2 stage adjustable trigger.
$1700 plus shipping to your FFL.
Comes with Matchguns Morini grip (open grip for ISSF). Different grip sizes and upswept palm rest available.
Comes with 2 magazines, 2 counterweights (for models without compensator), cleaning kit, storage case, manual, and test target.

1. MG2 is the standard pistol with mechanical trigger. Its barrel length is 152 mm.
2. There are other MG2 variants: 
    a) MG2 - $1700.
    b) MG2E (has an electronic trigger) - $1950.
    c) MG2 R (has tungsten compensators for rapid fire) - $2050.
    d) MG2E R (has tungsten compensators for rapid fire and an electronic trigger) - $2300.
    e) MG2 BE6 (has tungsten compensators and integral rail) - $2050
    f) MG2E BE6 (MG2 BE6 with electronic trigger) - $2300
3. You can find more details at matchguns.com
4. Large variety of grip sizes. Grip size chart at matchguns.com/en/tailored-gun-grip
5. Spare parts and magazines are available.
6. Has two M4 tapped holes on the top slide cover to mount optical rail.
7. BE version has integral rail on the top slide cover for mounting optics.

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FS: New Matchguns MG2 - Page 4 Empty Re: FS: New Matchguns MG2

Post by lablover on 9/6/2019, 9:14 pm

I so need one of these!

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FS: New Matchguns MG2 - Page 4 Empty Re: FS: New Matchguns MG2

Post by radjag on 9/6/2019, 10:54 pm

The MG2 mentioned by Jon belongs to me. It is a pre-EVO model made in 2017/18 - it was purchased used from another forum member who apparently only shot 5,000 Aguila SV  through it (not verified) and had no problems during that time - I understand that he replaced it with a new EVO model. I was very keen to try an MG2 at the time and did not want to wait for the next planned shipment from Italy, so I took a chance and bought the only used MG2 then on the market. 

I immediately had problems and contacted MGUSA and their technical man Jon - they inspected the gun and determined that the slide was worn out and had probably not been correctly heat treated - MGUSA provided a brand new slide at no charge, Jon sorted the gun out nicely and shipped it back promptly once everything was resolved. I understand that it is the only one in USA that has had this problem.

It came with a custom scope rail, but I have currently got it set up with OEM iron sights and use it mostly for EIC 22. The trigger is superb, very accurate and has been fairly reliable. I use Aguila SV ammo. I was not comfortable with the OEM grip and bought a Rink grip directly from Germany, which I prefer.

MGUSA and Jon are good to deal with and provide very good customer service.


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FS: New Matchguns MG2 - Page 4 Empty Re: FS: New Matchguns MG2

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