RCBS Rockchucker set up

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RCBS Rockchucker set up

Post by bassdocktor on 10/11/2018, 9:10 pm

Hi everyone, selling a what basically amounts to a Rockchucker Supreme reloading kit. Unless noted all items are RCBS. Pretty much a complete set up for a new reloader.

Rockchucker singles stage press (looks new)
Powder measure
Metal holder for powder measure
Beam scale
Universal reloading block
New Lee hand primer
Hornady digital calipers

Seeing for my sister in law who's husband up and left so it needs to be face to face as I do not have time to ship right now as we are helping her.

Price is $200

As the bullseye community has been great to me and I'd like to see this go to a new reloader/shooter the buyer can have their choice of RCBS 45ACP dies or 38spl/357. This will be for sale elsewhere but will not include the dies.

Located just south of Chicago in the southwest suburbs.

Let me know of you have any questions.


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