FS 6-inch 1911/2011 40S&W top end

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FS 6-inch 1911/2011 40S&W top end

Post by Lawboy on 10/14/2018, 8:22 pm

For sale is my custom-built 2011 6-inch top end in 40 Smith &Wesson. I built a 6-inch gun and liked it fine but later repurposed the frame for a dedicated 22lr for steel challenge.

I can email pics to anyone interested if you will email me at barthightower@yahoo.com.

Price: $500 shipped CONUS.

Components: Caspian slide with snake scale top rib and ball-cut dust cover. The slide cuts were done locally and as you can see are not so aggressive that you will end up with a cracked slide. Also, as you can see, there are ZERO 90-degree angles in the slide cuts, so stress cracks will not be an issue. Harrison Custom fixed rear sight. Black steel front blade (I never did like fiber optic.) Kart 6-inch bushing barrel. It has the Clark ramp. The gun was designed to shoot lead bullets. It shoot extremely accurately with lead, plated or jacketed bullets, but the Kart barrel is the best lead bullet launcher you can buy. The slide finish is nickel boron done by WMD Guns in Florida. Tungsten 6-inch two-piece guide rod by EGW. The extractor is Infinity. Firing pin is titanium. I have fired this top end no more than 1,000 rounds. 99.9% with 180-grain lead bullets cast myself.

If you want a second top end fitted to a gun or are building a backup gun, this is the deal for you. The bare slide cost more than $500 new from Caspian and I waited 3 months for it. 

I am selling because I have another custom limited gun, I have not been shooting uspsa at all for the last few years, and I want to buy a new scope for my long range rimfire rifle. This top end has been sitting in the safe for 2 years unused. 

Thank you.


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Post by Axehandle on 10/15/2018, 7:26 am

Sending email for pictures


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