FS: High Standard Supermatic Trophy

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FS: High Standard Supermatic Trophy

Post by Tim:H11 on 11/18/2018, 1:44 pm

For Sale: High Standard Supermatic Trophy .22LR Target Pistol

Included is a set of Herrett Nationals for right handed use, stock factory right handed grips, four magazines, and an LSP barrel with optic mount. The LSP barrel is the aluminum shrouded light weight barrel model. No optic is included. Of the four magazines, two work. Of the other two, they could be tuned to work and do not lock the slide back. They have a smaller follower button that does not index the slide stop. Easily changeable for the other size. 

I would like to sell the whole package for $700 buyer pays shipping. I will entertain offers for just some of the extras if interested. Thank you.


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Re: FS: High Standard Supermatic Trophy

Post by lyman1903 on 11/20/2018, 10:52 am



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