Quality of the steel on older and newer M41s

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Quality of the steel on older and newer M41s Empty Quality of the steel on older and newer M41s

Post by r.tornello on 1/20/2019, 6:58 pm

I just purchased an older (date unknown but way older) M41 slide. I noticed the wear and stress marks were very different than on my P. Center 2018 mfg date M41. Does anyone really know if the type of steel is different today than earlier, and if so any details?

I know early SiG 210s had an indicator for steel strength on the inside of the slide, and the manufacturing techniques were changed after, I believe P97XXX SN, which I'm guessing led to the need for a heavier frame. I'm throwing that out there as a point of speculation and reference, acknowledging that manufactures do change things for any number of reasons while keeping the basic design unchanged.


BTW I don't really like the M41 trigger. The gun is good, groups well, but the trigger, it fits just fine (it really does) but I thought it would be smoother.

I have a single stage on my Surgeon 591 action rifle. It's a whole lot nicer and has a smoother pull-feel-shot than this. Maybe I'm a fool, and I don't want to piss anyone off, but I assumed Performance Center meant just that. There's something missing here.

Trigger quality and possibly softer steel????

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