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7d offset Grips

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7d offset Grips Empty 7d offset Grips

Post by jscot111 1/24/2019, 2:34 pm

Hi, when a grip maker offers 7d offset grips, which way do the front sights move, right or left ?
Thanks, Scott


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7d offset Grips Empty Re: 7d offset Grips

Post by fc60 1/24/2019, 2:44 pm


I shoot right hand, left eye.

My sights are usually two turns to the right.

The 7d grips may lessen the above.



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7d offset Grips Empty Re: 7d offset Grips

Post by gregbenner 1/24/2019, 6:26 pm

With orthopedic grips, when I put my hand out straight with a 0° offset grip I am naturally aimed slightly to the left of the target. My Rink offset grips correct this by rotating the gun to the right.  I am right handed, right eye dominant.


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7d offset Grips Empty Re: 7d offset Grips

Post by mpolans 1/24/2019, 7:27 pm

I’m lefty, left eye dominant, but I have short fingers. I use Rink 7d offset grips so I can rotate my hand further around the gun and still have a good grip (clockwise for a lefty like me, opposite for a righty).


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7d offset Grips Empty Re: 7d offset Grips

Post by BerryhillAC 1/25/2019, 4:18 pm

When a make a set of custom 3d-printed grips with an offset, it is usually for shooters with a cross dominance issue with their eyes.  That is while they may be right handed, they are left-eyed.  We all have a dominant eye, just like a dominant hand.  For most of us the dominant eye and hand are on the same side.  However for a few people, while they're right handed, their left eye is dominant.  Or vice versa.  

Guns and gun grips are traditionally made to fit the traditional right/right, left/left dominance set up of our bodies.  For cross-eye dominant shooters, this means they need to hold their gun or their body in a non-optimal position to look down the sights.  While it is pain for pistol shooters, you can imagine the trouble it gives rifle and shotgun shooters.  They usually end up shooting with their non-dominant hand for long guns so they can sight down the barrel with their dominant eye.

Most custom grip makers are set-up to offer their grips to accommodate the needed offset of 6 or 7 degrees so that the cross dominant shooter can hold the gun in a standard position in relation to their body, but have the frame off-set such that it is lined up with their other eye.

With 3d printing it is easy to more variably adjust the gun in the grip.  Instead of either being at zero degrees of offset to 6 or 7, anything in-between is also an option.  Like the shooter above with short fingers, I can rotate the frame in the grip just a bit to bring the trigger in closer to the trigger finger.  This is usually just a couple of degrees or so.  On guns without an adjustable trigger blade this can be a big help.  And for shooters with a wrist prone to hyperextension, 3d printing also allows the frame to rotate in the other axis so that the barrel can sit up in a more comfortable position for them.

Andrew Berryhill

Custom grips for all hands and most guns


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7d offset Grips Empty Re: 7d offset Grips

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