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Lesson Reinforced!

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Lesson Reinforced! Empty Lesson Reinforced!

Post by Jon Math Tue Feb 12, 2019 11:02 am

My beloved Pardini failed to feed the other day.  I stroked the bolt and an empty case was extracted from the chamber and I let the bolt forward and a round was stripped off the magazine.  It fired but again no ejection and resetting of the trigger occurred. 

  I tore the pistol apart, checked the firing pin, springs and rods, extractor etc.  and everything seemed fine.  I cleaned the barrel, chamber and magazines thoroughly.  I went back to the range and everything was fine. I shot a couple of matches with no issues, only to have the pistol fail again during a practice a few weeks later.

Same problem as before.  I had fired off the remains of a box of 50 I had used a day before in a match without problems, and went into a fresh box from a new brick and started having feeding problems from round one.   I first wondered if the chamber might be carbon filled and the rounds were not seating fully, so I swabbed that out and it was actually very clean.  Another try and again only one round would fire but not eject. 

I was about ready to tear into the trigger and hammer assemblies when I decided to try a different brick of ammo.  Everything was back to normal with the new ammo.  I get into a zone when I shoot and honestly don’t realize when the pistol fires other than my sight picture being disturbed.  In hindsight I do not recall the recoil or sound being as pronounced as normal, but with a heavy pistol and a .22 LR there is not much of either.  I never expected the issue to be ammo –but it was and wasn’t!

 I shoot CCI Standard Velocity.  The outer box of the brick was labeled CCI Standard, but the internal boxes (which looked identical) were labeled CCI Quiet in tiny lettering.  I had purchased the ammo from a place running a special a few months ago.  They did not have bricks available but the stock clerk reloaded the 50 round boxes back into a master carton for me.  I guess he was picking Quiets rather than SV off his shelf. 

I’m fastidious about checking that I have the right caliber and bullet weight of my ammo.   This was something I never expected--I’m not sure how you ID these Quiets once they are out of the box, they do not have a distinguishing bullet shape or color and the head case marking as no different from normal LR ammo.  But for me it was a lesson reinforced and it’s something to keep in mind if your pistol is acting off normal.   
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