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Optimal MantisX Mounting Empty Optimal MantisX Mounting

Post by lanjo on 2/23/2019, 12:34 am

Hi All,

Just got a MantisX and first impressions are positive.  I was wondering the best way to mount it for feedback on Bulleye shooting.  The magazine mount does not seem to be optimal to detect pistol muzzle movement during the shot. Has anyone got an innovative way to mount the MantisX near the muzzle of a 1911 without a accessory rail. I would think a custom rubber or wood rod which inserts down the barrel to allow a MantisX near the muzzle would be ideal.  Any one have a solution?




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Optimal MantisX Mounting Empty Re: Optimal MantisX Mounting

Post by Oleg G on 2/23/2019, 6:36 am

A couple of options you may consider.

1. Magnetic accessory rail adapter from RAMLITE, a.k.a. Ariete Arms. The company has gone out of business but the adapters are sometimes available on Ebay. I bought one to specifically use with MantisX and I'm very happy with it. (A word of caution - the bolt supplied with MantisX may not quite fit into the slots on the adapter. Nothing major, I easily found a different bolt in the local hardware store. Here is a video from the company founder


2. A cheap accessory mount from NCstar. Many people complain that it is flimsy but I think that for dry fire it should work. No first-hand experience but the price is right to at least try.

Oleg G
Oleg G

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Optimal MantisX Mounting Empty Re: Optimal MantisX Mounting

Post by TonyH on 2/23/2019, 6:42 am

I posed a similar question to Mantis a while ago:
"I am a Bullseye Pistol shooter and use the 1911 platform (no rail) for both rimfire and centerfire matches. Is there a difference in feedback (less detail, less movement) if your device is mounted to the magazine adapter as opposed to a rail under the firearm?"

This was their official response:
"Thank you for your interest in Mantis!  The feedback is the same, regardless of where it is mounted, due to the nature of the algorithms processing the data from the gyros and accelerometers."

Use a short three slot piece of plastic picatinny rail with double sided tape and mount it to the base of a magazine. It's out of the way and works for live fire as well.
If you want the NcStar adapter, send me a PM and  we can work something out.

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Optimal MantisX Mounting Empty Re: Optimal MantisX Mounting

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