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Exporting Ammunition to Canada

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Exporting Ammunition to Canada Empty Exporting Ammunition to Canada

Post by Slartybartfast 3/1/2019, 9:59 am

Serious question: Is any American retailer or distributer set up to export ammunition to Canada?

We're allowed a personal import of 5000rnds per year. Importing ammo to Canada is as simple as having a PAL (firearms licence) and declaring the items. But exporting it from the USA is illegal without an export permit from the US federal government.

Nearest US Gander Mountain is only 45 minutes away from me. They ask ZERO questions of customers buying ammunition. I talked with a sales person there and they seemed unaware of the fact that if I was to buy ammunition from him he (or the cashier?) and I would be guilty of a federal crime if I bought ammo there.

Then anywhere between the store and the border CBS or DHS could stop me, charge me with attempting to illegally export ITAR/Department of Commerce controlled items without a permit, fined a huge amount, possibly jailed, and definitely barred from reentry into the US.

If I make it to the Canadian customs checkpoint, a simple declaration and pay taxes owed. 

Same scenario for all firearms (although handguns need to be registered with the RCMP before import).

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Exporting Ammunition to Canada Empty Re: Exporting Ammunition to Canada

Post by Wobbley 3/1/2019, 2:26 pm

As I understand the ITAR rules, the store is guilty of an illegal “export”, not you.  The export occurs as soon as the store hands you your purchase and is on them.  

You’re guilty of an unauthorized person in possession of firearms ammunition.  You’re unauthorized because you’re a visiting alien and not a “U.S Person” and you don’t have a ATF permission slip to hold ammo.  If you were to visit the US to partake of a hunt and had ATF approval to be armed, you could probably buy ammo and not get charged.  It might be a gray area if the ammo wasn’t for the guns you were authorized to have by the ATF, but I don’t klnow of any rulings on that.

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