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Relaxing grip while squeezing trigger

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Relaxing grip while squeezing trigger Empty Relaxing grip while squeezing trigger

Post by SmokinNJokin 3/20/2019, 8:31 am

I have recently been battling to maintain grip pressure (specifically, fingertip pressure for pinky and ring finger) which relaxes while I am applying pressure on the trigger. Even when i recognize it happening, it is VERY hard to re-apply my finger pressure without upsetting the sights. With SF i usually abort the shot. Sustained, its not an option so i am constantly battling between an iron grip with chicken finger or a smooth trigger pull with a weak grip.

A useful training tool i found is dry firing with eyes close concentrating on a deliberate trigger pull combined with iron grip, then transition to firing on blank target, and finally normal black target.

Any other tips from the pro's for fixing this tendency?


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Relaxing grip while squeezing trigger Empty Re: Relaxing grip while squeezing trigger

Post by bullseye67 4/24/2019, 12:10 pm

Good morning,

The dreaded...How hard..VS..limp wrist!!

I try to hold as tight as I can. My wobble is smaller than any shake induced by gripping. Sometimes you will hear guys say “I relax my grip just enough for...insert reason...shake, blood flow, ect.” 
I know if I relax my grip. 2 things happen,
1) I shoot a shot outside of my typical cone of fire, which is 9 ring. If I relax my middle finger the shot goes low left 45 degrees and is a 7 or 6. If I relax my ring finger and or pinky the shot goes high right at a 45 degree usually a 7 or 6.
2) If I relax too much I get a FTF or FTF. Yes, a weak grip can cause an alibi. I have proven it by creating an alibi at will. Both in 22 and Centerfire.

This is an exercise I do to isolate my trigger finger from the rest of my fingers. 
I use the hand exercisers, the triangle shaped spring style. I use them upside down, the wide part I put the handle in the middle of my middle finger and grip the balance of the handle with ring and pinky fingers. I hold my trigger finger as if it was resting on an invisible trigger. I try to squeeze the grips together without moving ny trigger finger. It is really hard to do, but once you get it, it’s easy. After a couple of weeks you can squeeze the handles together and then hold them. Then pretend to pull the trigger by moving just your trigger finger. 
DO NOT....try this exercise the morning before you have a match!! You will have very sore muscles in your fingers..... I would suggest starting with 1 or 2 sets of 10 reps a couple times over a evening.

I started doing this exercise several years ago. I found as I did less manual labour, my grip was getting weaker. I do 5 sets of 20 reps while watching sports in the evening. I believe my grip strength and especially my finger strength is almost as good as it ever was. I still get to open pickle jars!!



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