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Leupold Freedom RDS Dot

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Leupold Freedom RDS Dot Empty Leupold Freedom RDS Dot

Post by JayhawkNavy02 on Sun Apr 21, 2019 1:01 am


I just wish it was a little lighter, 2 MOA, and had lower profile standard rings (30mm vice 34mm).  Either way its nice to have another quality dot option.

Leupold Freedom RDS Dot C5ac5ebad0b937acef4132a8_880x508


For better accuracy, a push-button activated 1-MOA red dot delivers a clear and precise aiming point. This smaller dot is great for longer shots where a bigger dot may cover up too much of the target. As an added bonus, the RDS features Leupold's Motion Sensor Technology (MST), which turns the illumination off after five minutes of inactivity. When the MST detects motion again, it instantly turns the illumination back on, so it's ready when you are. A manual mode also allows the sight to be shut off when not in use. You can also toggle through eight illumination settings, making the dot easily visible in low-light conditions or the mid-day sun. On the RDS’ medium setting, you’ll get up to 1,000 hours of battery life, which, thanks to the aforementioned Motion Sensor Technology, truly equates to 1,000 usable hours. The Freedom RDS is lightweight, compact, and ready for any purpose you’ve got in mind. It features a 34mm objective lens and maintube, measures a little over five inches in length, and weighs just under 7 ounces without a mount. For simplicity, it comes with a mount that sits at the optimal sight height for AR-style rifles. That said, you can remove the provided mount and use any 34mm rings instead.


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