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Action Magic II - anyone use this?

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Action Magic II - anyone use this? Empty Action Magic II - anyone use this?

Post by dronning on 5/1/2019, 10:40 pm

While I was pulling up info on lubing my 1050 press I found some people were recommending Action Magic II which is a 2 part dry/liquid application that won't attract dirt.  Made for firearms.

Sounds a little too good to be true but I am going to try it on my press.

"Easy-to-apply treatment greatly enhances surface lubricity for extreme, long-lasting resistance to corrosion and accelerated wear caused by friction and heat. After firing literally thousands of rounds, tests on semi-auto pistols have shown no measurable wear, and cleanup was as simple as dusting off powder residue with a soft nylon brush! Unlike oil-based lubricants, Action Magic II will not attract moisture in wet environments and cannot freeze in cold weather. The dry, silver-gray, lubricated surface resists powder residue, carbon, lead, dirt and fouling so your firearm stays cleaner, longer. Action Magic II treatment can be used inside bores, on semi-auto pistol slides, frames, triggers and sears, rifle bolts and raceways; anywhere you want a highly lubricated, non-wearing surface that stays clean, maintenance- and corrosion-free for thousands of rounds."

- Dave

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Action Magic II - anyone use this? Empty Re: Action Magic II - anyone use this?

Post by chopper on 5/2/2019, 9:55 am

Dave, I've tried molybdenum disulfide on my 550 and it's helped on the primer slide and the shell holder plate. Kind a smoothed out the plate and didn't gum it up at all.
  There's a product that is used in the auto industry called Z-Max or something like that, it's supposed to penetrate into the metals pores and make surfaces glide easier. I never tried that stuff and don't know much about it. Stan


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