Premiere II 9mm 1.5"

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Premiere II 9mm 1.5" Empty Premiere II 9mm 1.5"

Post by Sheriff1962 on 5/11/2019, 4:34 pm

Just got a 2018 Premiere II 9mm 1.5 LNIB

Very nice gun . 100% function with all my Colt and McCormick magazines

I don't have a ransom rest but I actually was able to get 2 TEN shot groups both 2" at 50 yards just by shooting off the bench without a major effort.
5+ rounds out of each group went into the same cluster . So off the ransom rest it is most likely a 1.5 gun.

But I was ONLY able to get that accuracy with Atlanta Arms Elite 115JHP.

I wonder if that's the ammo they use to test their 9mm guns.

I like to hear from other PII 9mm owners about their favorite loads and accuracy results.


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