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Washed out and gone red dot

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Washed out and gone red dot  Empty Washed out and gone red dot

Post by xman on 5/23/2019, 3:56 pm

In the last 2 BE matches I shot, the 50yd was in shadows. But when the timed fire started with the target in full sunshine, the red dot was just gone. I could see a streak when I moved the pistol left or right but no dot was seen.

Luckily I also have a green dot on the sight and used the green for the rest of the 2700.

In the first match when it happened I thought it was low battery. So I changed the battery and continued to shoot green.

Next match when we got to bright sunshine at 25yds, same result. Gone red dot and switched back to green. I have not heard of this happening to other shooters...true they have more $$$$ red dots than mine. but still, red dot is a red dot at highest strength. And some shooters only have a red dot.

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Washed out and gone red dot  Empty Re: Washed out and gone red dot

Post by DA/SA on 5/23/2019, 4:03 pm

I had that problem a couple of times and went to a polarizing filter. Now I can darken the target in bright sun rather than brighten the dot, or loose it completely.

I actually shoot much better since I went to the filter as I keep better focus on the dot and don't tend to switch to a target focus as I can dim the target way down.


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