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How to get into Bullseye 45

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How to get into Bullseye 45  - Page 2 Empty How to get into Bullseye 45

Post by Big_Red Tue Jul 16, 2019 10:25 am

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Hey guys. Im a long time rimfire shooter and even dabbled into 32s and 38s over the years. However, I want to include the 1911 to my lineup now as I make a return to Bullseye. I am currently shooting a marvel conversion and some days a Pardini on the rimfire portion. Im still deciding which one I am more comfortable with.As said,  I have taken a few years off and now as I join back up with some guys shooting I want to be able to truly compete in a 2700. I am overwhelmed with the options for a 1911 platform. I would prefer to have a smith work on the gun (if needed), rather then my at home tinkering or buy one pre-setuo. What and where should I look? Is the SARO still a good starter to upgrade as I regain my skills? What does the SARO need to have upgraded as my skills come back to the low 90s I shot back in the days. Who would be a recommended smith to send it to? I am unaware of any true bullseye smiths in my neck of the woods. Thanks for the help in advance


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How to get into Bullseye 45  - Page 2 Empty Re: How to get into Bullseye 45

Post by Dr.Don Sat Jul 27, 2019 5:09 pm


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How to get into Bullseye 45  - Page 2 Empty Re: How to get into Bullseye 45

Post by mikemyers Sat Jul 27, 2019 7:56 pm

Three names to consider (there are more):
Jon Eulette (here in the forum)
KC Crawford (send email) and
Dave Salyer (send email).

I expect they might suggest you buy a Range Officer, and send it to them, after a long discussion so they understand you, and vice versa.  KC has a one year waiting list - I don't know about Jon or Dave.  I've bought two guns that Dave Salyer built, and I'm happy with them - I've never yet bought a brand new gun that any of them built specifically for me.  Of the two I bought, one was a Springfield, and the other one of Dave's first builds eons ago on a Caspian frame.

Suggestion - post a WTB topic in the Commercial Forum here, and describe what you're looking for.  It seems to me that after the match at Perry each year, quite a few shooters decide to change to a new gun, and you might get a very reasonable price on their gun.  As long as it comes with a rail, you can mount any sight you want (assuming you want a red dot sight).  

If you're trying to win a championship, others can give you far better advice than I can, but after lengthy discussions, the two guns I bought are perfect for me.  After shooting for a year, you might want to get something different, or ask one of the smiths to build a new gun for you.

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How to get into Bullseye 45  - Page 2 Empty Re: How to get into Bullseye 45

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