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Red dot to irons

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Red dot to irons Empty Red dot to irons

Post by Willfish30 8/5/2019, 5:12 pm

I’m a .22 only indoor Sharpshooter and marksman outdoors. After attending Camp Perry for the first time and shooting next to so many good military people shooting irons, I started shooting iron sights again. I’ve noticed that my slow fire scores went up but my sustained fire scores went down. Anybody else experience this? What could be the reasons? And how do I bring back up my sustained fire scores?


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Red dot to irons Empty Re: Red dot to irons

Post by bruce martindale 8/5/2019, 5:36 pm

First answer is, are these data statistically significant? They may not be. the differences could be from rushing the shots in sustained. IN slow, one tends to be hesitant or inhibited by all the motion of the dot. With irons, it's still there, and can be seen by trained eyes but most won't notice it. It's easier to pull the trigger without the fear of a miss. Changing to sustained, you may be worried about time ( unnecessarily so) and rush things. I find that I screw up TF more than Rapid only because l am not as dedicated.

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Red dot to irons Empty Re: Red dot to irons

Post by fc60 8/5/2019, 7:41 pm


Red Dots are designed to focus on the target plane.

Iron sights requires focusing on the front sight.

Your brain may still be looking at the target which is rather detrimental to grouping.

More practice and you will retrain your sub-conscious into watching the front sight.



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Red dot to irons Empty Re: Red dot to irons

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