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SOLD: S&W Model 52-1

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SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 Empty SOLD: S&W Model 52-1

Post by BE Mike on 8/13/2019, 4:40 pm

I bought this pistol about 1980, used. I always shot factory match .38 SPL wadcutters in it. It has been well taken care of, but has honest wear. I don't recall ever having a malfunction with it. In the early 90's, on the advice of some masters and high masters on the old bullseye-L, I quit using it and started shooting two gun (.22 & .45 ACP) so it hasn't been shot since. It is time to let it move on to someone who will use and appreciate it. It is a Smith & Wesson model 52-1. The back strap has some very light pitting and blueing wear. The front strap has blueing wear, but no pitting. It has a BME scope mount and Ultra Dot 1" scope. The target grips are medium size and I believe Herrett's Target Stocks or a copy. It comes with the original S&W grip panels which are very well-used. They aren't damaged, but could use some cleaning up and re-finishing. It comes with 4 magazines. One magazine won't lock the slide back, but is reliable. Two other magazines are fully functional and reliable. The last magazine is like new (I may have function tested it once in the past). It has a relatively new Wolff recoil spring. A barrel bushing wrench is included. Finally, there has always been some doubt about the durability of the extractors on the 52-1, but this one has held up. Nonetheless, I bought, a very hard to find, spare extractor for the pistol which I am including in the package. I am not interested in parting out this package, but want to sell it as a "ready to go to the line" deal. The pistol is located in Indiana. Complete package: $1,350.00 + shipping charges and any FFL fees, if applicable.
SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 H8vcMGA
SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 Ns8kR4C
SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 YQHYA71
SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 UQ9FrkR
SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 3RinSfD
When I was on top of my game, I shot this pair of timed-fire targets with this pistol with iron sights:
SOLD: S&W Model 52-1 6YDxMba
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