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removing shades from Aimpoint

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 removing shades from Aimpoint Empty removing shades from Aimpoint

Post by valbern67 on 8/21/2019, 2:09 pm

Hello All,

My Aimpoint H-1 died and I will have to send it in for repair. Now I have to take the shades off - I was able to remove the rear tube because I was able to snugly press it on in the first place. The front shade, however was loose, so I had to put on Blue Loctite. I can't get it off now. I tried using a hair dryer until it was too hot to even pick up - no good. I repeated this 3 times.

I don't want to ruin my Shue shades or my dot.


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 removing shades from Aimpoint Empty Re: removing shades from Aimpoint

Post by messenger on 8/21/2019, 2:33 pm

Get a wooden dowel preferably slightly larger than the inside of the shade. Shave it down to where it will slide into the shade snugly. Leave your dot mounted to the gun so you have something to hold onto. Now just move the dowel up and down and side to side and it will come free. If your dowel is slightly smaller than the shade you can build it up with masking or painters tape. If you have to build it up too much it will feel spongy and make the removal tough.


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