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Webley & Scott Single Shot 22 Target Pistol

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Webley & Scott Single Shot 22 Target Pistol Empty Webley & Scott Single Shot 22 Target Pistol

Post by radjag on 11/5/2019, 7:34 pm

The very first pistol I ever shot - in about 1970 at a club in the UK town where I went to school. They had been given to the club in the '50's for training during the the post-WW2 era of National Service (conscription) and Territorial Army (National Guard equivalent) training of civilians, together with some Martini Henry 22 rifles.

They are surprisingly accurate and, if I'm not mistaken, had been used to achieve national records at Bisley in that era (the UK's equivalent of Camp Perry).

They could be picked up for pennies at that time - nobody wanted them. Now this pristine example is going for $2k - amazing!


"Serial #2511, .22 LR, 9 3/4” barrel with an excellent, bright bore. This is a splendid pistol that retains 98-99% of the original bright blue finish on the barrel, trigger guard, and hammer, and about 95-97% of the original, vibrant color case-hardening on the frame. There is some minor “speckling” to the case-hardening on the front of the frame on either side, but there is no texture or pitting present. The checkered walnut target grip with thumb-rest is in fine shape, having very little noticeable wear, but does have a small chip missing from the leading edge of the thumb-rest on the left side. A small Webley logo inset is present in the butt. This is the best looking Model 1938 Target we have seen, and it is in excellent condition overall."


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Webley & Scott Single Shot 22 Target Pistol Empty Re: Webley & Scott Single Shot 22 Target Pistol

Post by zanemoseley on 11/5/2019, 8:06 pm

No bids yet. Wouldn't be the first auction I've seen with ultra high starting bids, sellers hoping for someone that's gotta have it. Although I'm sure they go for far more than back in the day. I'd love to teleport back to the 60's and buy a truckload of pythons.


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