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1911 External Extractor

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1911 External Extractor Empty 1911 External Extractor

Post by Guest 11/27/2019, 1:55 am

My SIG 1911 9mm has an "external" extractor (excuse the dirty breech - end of a long session)
1911 External Extractor Sig_1910
It has been mentioned to me that 1911's with this type of extractor are not compliant with CMP Service Pistol Class, but on reading through the CMP Rules I could not see any specific reference to this feature.

Anyone know about this issue?

The gun shoots pretty decent with Atlanta Arms Elite ammo, here are a couple of offhand Timed Fire targets at 50 feet (No, I can't do this every time!!). I've currently got it set up for 2700 CF use, but, if it is permitted, then I might switch it back to Service Pistol configuration.
1911 External Extractor Sig9aa11


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1911 External Extractor Empty Re: 1911 External Extractor

Post by CR10X 11/27/2019, 6:19 am

Well, what I could find was this.  If I missed something, hopefully some else will add to the response. 

The extractor location is not specifically allowed under 4.1.2 (Modifications) and 4.1.1 specifically states  - m) No other external alterations, additions or changes may be made to the pistol unless those specific alterations, additions or changes are explicitly permitted by Rule 4.1.2.

Rule 4.1.3 for M1911 and M9 says "or commercial versions of the same type (M1911) but does not provide for any modifications or specifically identify this version either as is does for M17 and M18 including "permitted commercial versions include the SIG 320 and variants thereof."  And lastly, it is not included in the list under 4.1.4.

But 4.1.1 also starts with - "a) The pistol must be a U. S. Service Pistol or a pistol derived from U. S. or foreign service pistol design."

So welcome to the weird world of CMP pistol rules.  Just give them a call. 



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1911 External Extractor Empty Re: 1911 External Extractor

Post by NuJudge 11/27/2019, 7:20 am

...Better yet, write them a letter.  A verbal opinion is not worth the paper it is written on.  Laughing


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1911 External Extractor Empty Re: 1911 External Extractor

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