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WTS - Rink grips for Pardini GT45/II $150 shipped

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WTS - Rink grips for Pardini GT45/II $150 shipped Empty WTS - Rink grips for Pardini GT45/II $150 shipped

Post by SingleActionAndrew on 1/6/2020, 1:53 pm


Help me fund purchasing a pair of Rinks for my 22 by purchasing this XL size RH grip in Walnut from Rink.

I purchased my GT45-II from a fellow Bullseye shooter and it came with the XL grip on it.  I've since replaced with Medium and don't have a use for these.  I like having them in case a friend wants to shoot it (none of them can fit in the new M size) but I'd rather buy Rink grips for my Ruger and selling this would make that purchase easier to justify.

They're used.  Stippling may well have skin residue.  But they are solid and still good lookers.  No cracks, gouges, etc.  Happy to take pictures for any interested buyers.

$150 shipped in Con-US.  Or strait trade for Ruger MkIII M-size rink grips.  Not interested in the Volquartsen ones (hey - those will be for sale soon too!)


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