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2019 Sectional protest and results.

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2019 Sectional protest and results.  Empty 2019 Sectional protest and results.

Post by Danehogle 1/11/2020, 4:01 pm

[size=30]Hello everyone, I wanted to let everyone know the the Protest Committee heard the protest for the sectionals yesterday. Those of you that fired more than once, you will be receiving something in the mail and only the first match shot will be used for classification and ranking. [/size]
[size=30]The competition department should have the results posted soon for the required 30 day challenge period. [/size]
[size=30]I would like to thank the Protest Committee for hearing the protest and taking action. [/size]


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2019 Sectional protest and results.  Empty Re: 2019 Sectional protest and results.

Post by ted.carter.568 1/13/2020, 5:18 pm

As a member of the NRA Board and Protest Committee, and as a Bullseye shooter, I want to thank Dane and the other members that filed this Sectional Protest, back in February 2019.  It's been a long road to final resolution.

While the NRA staff had the best interests of the shooters in mind when the Pistol Manager and Dep Dir for Competitive Shooting Division modified the entry requirements of the 2019 Pistol Sectional/Natl Indoor Pistol Championships, the rules that we as a community fire under did not allow such a modification.

The protest was well written and correctly submitted.  It was disappointing and disruptive to the 2019 Sectionals that the protest was not processed in a timely manner, as the rules dictate.  That issue has been brought to the attention of NRA.  The protest has been upheld.  The scores will be posted, as Dane has indicated.  I want to thank Dane for attending the Protest Committee meeting.  His presence sent a strong signal from competitors to the leadership in the NRA's Competitive Shooting Division.

Thanks again to Dane and the other protest originators for submitting and staying with this protest.


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